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When we speak of finishes here at Glory Furniture, we do not just speak of the myriad of different materials that we utilise to attain our completed finishes. We do of course, use the best quality and appropriate modern materials, from Nitrocellutlose primers and lacquers, to the very best catalysed, Acrylic and Polyurethane coatings.

These modern materials, whilst being flexible, durable and resistant to abrasion and household chemicals, are merely the basic foundation of our multifaceted and multi-process finishes. Light-fast wood-stains and durable coatings are just about the only aspect of a quality finish that most furniture manufactures can claim to possess.

Our grasp and understanding of a quality finish is most definitely as different as it is unique to almost everyone else in the furniture industry!

We strive to create, as well as replicate the finest finishes on the planet. To do this, we also utilise the best ancient materials and tools, based on historical use and record. These materials must be used in both a complimentary, as well as a compatible manner with the more modern materials.

We at Glory Furniture,
have over 35 years of knowledge

We apply the finest Shellacs from Asia and Indonesia. These are used for isolation, sealing and antiquing/aging in many of our processes. We make our own Glazes and Patinas, often based on ancient recipes from past Masters through the centuries.

All of these “tools of our trade”, much like the chisels of our master woodcarvers, would be absolutely futile in the wrong hands, without the knowledge, expertise and the skills to apply them.

To truly create and especially replicate an authentic antique finish, you require a rare understanding of not only the various periods and styles of furniture designs, but an understanding of the materials and techniques that were applied to them.

We at Glory Furniture, have over 35 years of this knowledge and understanding. We also have a passion and an undeniable obsession for detailed observation to acquire a given finish, whether it is a reflection of a period-style, or a complimentary finish to a particular interior environment or project.

Decades of research, observation and hands-on experience has taught us, what can realistically only be learned in a similar time-frame. Examples of this knowledge would be:

  • The historical use of Bole (the various types and colors), the ground or base-coat underneath silver and gold-leaf.
  • The effect of time and “wear & tear” on this Gilding
  • Period-style paint colors and stains, as well as the effect that age and Ultra-violet light has upon them.
  • The observation of the effects of oxidization on various metals, as well as the knowledge and use of various materials and techniques to replicate them accurately.
  • The use of materials such as “aged Limestone” in “dusty patinas” to imitate the years of Paraffin waxes and oils, combined with Ash that would collect naturally in the recesses and carvings of genuine antique furniture. This furniture was from an Era when there was little or no electricity.
  • The “chalking” of Casein or Calcium Carbonate based paints to the “yellowing” of Linseed Oils.

These are just some of the obsessive attentions to detail that we undertake, so as to lift and aspire us to be one of the most complete and unique “finishers” in our chosen field.

We would also like to pay homage at this time, to the Masters that came before us, that with so little at their disposal and an insatiable will to create beautiful things, created such wonders to inspire us to this very day!!

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