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Glory Furniture has, without doubt,
some of the best Woodcarvers in the world!

We are aware that this is a bold statement to make and we do so without any boastful arrogance, but more with a modest pride.

In today’s world market of mass-produced items, there has become a real shortage of skilled Master Craftsmen. Added to this are scales of economy that deem labour-intensive processes to be economically unviable.

Glory Furniture has, without doubt, some of the best Woodcarvers in the world!

Instead of the artistic skills of the “old fashioned” Artisan, manufacturers replace these with Polyester and Polyurethane(plastic) Appliques(stick-on). Often these Appliques are not in keeping with the intended style or design of the furniture and look out of place.

The main reason for this, is that the manufacturers are buying an “off the shelf”, moulded alternative to the real thing and more often than not, they haven’t the knowledge or experience of what the real thing should look like in the first place!

We have no right and it is not our intention to criticise, or show derision in any way to other manufacturers. After all, everyone has the right to manufacture, or purchase for that matter, anything they so desire.

Glory Furniture offers,
a truly genuine “hand-crafted” product

We at Glory Furniture though, like to offer our potential clients the option of a truly genuine “hand-crafted” item, made in a way that has been done for centuries, in both a time-honoured and traditional manner.

Whilst we have no intention to criticise, or even insinuate that our way is better, we most certainly have no intention to abandon our heritage, or our respect for both our craft and the Craftsmen whom have such a rare gift. This gift has often been handed down from previous generations, from a time when these skills were both sought after and appreciated as a thing of real value!

It is difficult for us to attach a value on this rare ability to truly replicate, or even interpret a period-style of furniture and its associated carvings.

It is equally hard to put a price on the reaction, or facial expression we see in a client, when they a see Family-crest, or Family name indelibly crafted in wood, on a desk, entrance door, or a piece of furniture.

Whilst there are still those Companies that still offer woodcarving on their furniture, it is generally a corner flower here, or a repeating moulding there, etc. and more often than not, even that is embossed(pressed or stamped).

We have skills and abilities
to provide historically renditions mouldings

At Glory Furniture, our Artisans have extremely rare skills and abilities to create, or replicate, the finest friezes, architectural elements, beautifully deep fretwork swags, or historically accurate renditions of English, French, Roman, etc. mouldings.

As if all of the above is not enough, we are probably most proud of our ability to produce the most exquisite Human and animal forms. To create these forms in wood, not just proportionately, but anatomically correct, is the rarest skill of all in this particular field.

Please view a slideshow of a small sampling of our work, by clicking on the images at the side of this page. All of these items have been carved from either a single solid block, or laminated blocks of solid Hardwood.

Sampling of our work

Arts from solid Hardwood

Glory Furniture

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